SBEF Fundraisers Benefit Businesses and Schools


Evoluzion Massage has partnered with SBEF

The South Berwyn Education Foundation (SBEF) has been partnering up with a slew of local businesses to raise money for South School District 100. The most recent being with Evoluzion Massage, a health center on 6340 W. Roosevelt Rd. in Oak Park. Anyone that goes into Evoluzion with the fundraiser flyer will donate some of their cost to SBEF. $10 of a $30 massage and $15 of a $60 massage will go to straight to SBEF which goes straight back to the schools.

SBEF was established in 1992 and since then has raised $700,070 for the children in South School District 100. Since they are a non-profit, all of their money comes from these fundraisers.

Evoluzion isn’t the only continuous fundraiser SBEF is currently partnering with. They also have an ongoing deal with the Route 66 Car Wash on Ogden Ave., getting a total car wash and interior clean cost $12 with $2 going to SBEF. Both the Car Wash and the Route 66 Car Wash will be participating in the fundraiser until they inform SBEF that they would like to stop.

Currently, there are plans for a fundraiser at Riverside’s Famous Dave’s BBQ sometime in February. The fundraiser will include principals, members of the school board and superintendents serving alongside real waiters for a couple of hours a day. 10% of the check from each table they serve will go to SBEF.

SBEF President Daniel Lane would like to make more connections like the ones with Evoluzion and Route 66 that allow for consistent funds.

“I would like to have five or six of these so that money is continually coming in,” Lane said. “We are an outside entity of the foundation and we don’t get paid. We just want to improve the education of as many children in South Berwyn as we can.”

Download the flyer here


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