Berwyn Schools Serve Safety First

By: Nicole Foley

Cops are cracking down on traffic near school.    For the past three years  Berwyn has been working with the city to tighten its traffic regulations around both grade and high schools to keep children safer.

Police Lt James Sassetti said that the traffic regulations are “precautionary action towards making things better”  and not a reaction to any accidents or problems.

Police officers are now on schools grounds regulating traffic every morning and afternoon when the children are coming and going from school, according to Sassatti and city Traffic Engineer Nicole Campbell.  They are stopping traffic at crosswalks  and walking with the children in the middle of roads, areas some parents consider to be “common drop off zones” said Sassetti.

In addition the South Berwyn school district has changed several streets near schools from two-way streets to one-way streets.  This helps condense general traffic around the schools and allows children to know which way they needed to always look.

Police  officers enforce traffic laws more strictly around the school zones, rigorously ticketing speeders and  giving out tickets to double parked drivers or those parked in zones specially used for drop-offs and pick-ups, Sassetti said.

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