Riddles Comedy Club Opening In Berwyn

By Nicole Foley

Everyone loves a great laugh and Ken Stevens wants to help Berwyn get its giggles.  Stevens will be opening Riddles Comedy Club three to four weeks at 6910 Windsor Ave.

Stevens already has the main branch of Riddles in Alsip.

The Berwyn economic development department recently contacted Stevens and asked if he would like to open a second club in the Depot District.  He jumped at the offer.

“I figured it would be a great opportunity to open a second location for my comedy club,” he said.  “My first club thrives, but for people who can’t always make it to Alsip, they will now have an easier location to visit.”

The Alsip club has had both local and well known comedians, including Sonya White of “Comedy Central” and Ken Sevara of “WGN radio” and “Chicago Favorite.”

“I’ve had guests from Indianapolis and all the way from Springfield,” said Stevens and his audience.

Stevens also plans to have local comedians perform at the Berwyn club.

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