Berwyn C.A.R.E.S aims to avoid potential cuts

By: Rene Howard-Paez

At least one critic of south Berwyn’s District 100 recently approved budget, with its $1 million deficit, is suggesting that voters in the district consider a referendum to avoid potential cuts.

Berwyn C.A.R.E.S.  President Robert Pauly said he believes that passing this budget is detrimental to the students and families of district 100. Berwyn C.A.R.E.S (Citizens Aligned to Renew Education for Students) is an education advocacy organization.

“No one wants less for their children, no one wants to deny their 8th grader graduation ceremonies, and everyone wants their child to play athletics for their school,” Pauly said.

The board approved the budget on a 5-2 vote last month.

Berwyn Mayor Robert Lovero said he believes that the district 100 school board members are doing what they can to avoid cuts. As mayor Lovero does not oversee the school district.

“To the best of my knowledge they are trying to not cut any school programs,” he said.

Pauly believes that a referendum is a viable option for the school district to come out of this deficit – going directly to the voters to ask for more money. But he said he doubts if it will actually happen.

“Historically this district has been extremely reluctant for additional resources,” he said.

Pauly also recently called for a referendum when he spoke at a recent school board meeting, which left some people confused as to whether he was speaking for Berwyn C.A.R.E.S. or himself. Pauly said later that it was a statement on his behalf but “could be characterized as a statement on the behalf of Berwyn C.A.R.E.S.”

And C.A.R.E.S. would be ready in case of a referendum, he said.

“My contemporaries are willing to knock on every door in the south Berwyn community,” He said.

Superintendent Stan Fields  and school board members were unavailable for comment.

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