Flipping to the top

By Nicole Foley

After the 2012 London Summer Olympics gymnastics has taken off in popular sports and Berwyn is up to speed with this latest exercise craze.

Girls gymnastics in Berwyn is held at PAV YMCA.  The girls range in age from 2 to 12, and since the Olympics more girls have been joining.

Maddison Zarbock, 8,  is one of them.

“I watched Gabby Douglas all summer and I want to be good like her,” she said.  “I think I can win a gold medal by the time I’m 16 years old — for America.”

Her mother, Debbie Zarbock, explained that Maddison’s cousin is a gymnast and made Maddison watch the Olympics to interest her in the sport.  It worked.  This past fall Maddison joined the Berwyn YMCA’s gymnastics team for the first time and loves it.

Young girls of all ages are learning how to keep themselves in shape while having fun at the same time.  It also teaches them discipline and pride.

“I love showing off my new skills to my friends.  It’s fun and they want to do it, too, now,” said Maddison.

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