Berwyn reports Santa-napping

By Nicole Foley

The children don’t have to watch out; they can cry and pout as much as they want because after Santa and his reindeer were stolen off a lawn in Berwyn, this Santa may not be visiting with presents this year.

This past Monday at 5:50 p.m. Christmas lawn ornaments were reported stolen from the 3500 block of South Grove Avenue home in Berwyn.  The family had a 3-foot Santa in a 10-foot long sleigh with two reindeer attached.

“The decorations were not small and must have taken some time to take away,” said Chief Jim Ritz of the Berwyn Police Dept.  “We asked the neighbors but no one seemed to see anything unusual that day.”

No one has been charged with the theft yet, but police are keeping watch for anything similar that may happen in the neighborhood.

“Since there’s no cameras around there we have no leads about who did it, for all we know it was a prank by some teenage kids, but we’re keeping our eyes out just in case it happens again,” said Ritz.

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