Comedian films at local lounge

By Elisa Juliano

While most of the crowd at Cigar and Stripes BBQwere enjoying beers, 12-year-old Trevor Burke was sipping chocolate milk waiting to perform.

On Feb. 5 comedian Trevor Burke filmed the pilot for his new reality TV show at the neighborhood restaurant and bar in Berwyn.With cameras, microphones, and directors on deck Cigar and Stripes BBQ looked more like a Hollywood movie set.

“I’m kind of transforming from a kid doing stand-up comedy and acting into something huge,” said Trevor.

The show will follow Trevor’s journey to perform comedy while often being rejected by clubs because of his age. Trevor, a St. Charles resident, is only 12-years-old, most clubs have a 21 and over age restriction.

Trevor said his humor appeals more to adults than children.

While most were drinking beer and cocktails Trevor Burke sipped on chocolate milk.

Trevor Burke taking a break and playing on his phone.

“Going to a show, my uncle asked if he could bring the kids and I said No,” said Trevor.

After being pitched the idea by Trevor’s father and manager Joseph Burke, Los Angles based production company Bishop-Lyons Entertainment decided to film the series pilot. Bishop-Lyons has filmed many notable shows like Mob Wives and The Biggest Loser.

Joseph said once the CEO and head of production met Trevor they realized he was what the industry was looking for.

“The market is looking for family-oriented shows and because of that our timing is perfect,” said Joseph.

Pamela Burke is thrilled her son is getting the chance to film a pilot episode.

“I’m excited for him because he’s the star,” said Pamela.

Crew setting up the perfect camera  angle.

Crew setting up the perfect camera angle.

The story behind filming at Cigar and Stripes BBQ goes back to last summer when on open-mic night Trevor was kicked out of the lounge.

“I happen to leave for a few minutes and when I came back I saw a child on stage,” said lounge owner Ronnie Lottz of that night.

Joseph told this story to producers and they decided to re-enact the moment and film Trevor’s act at the establishment.

“It like TGI Fridays for adults, it has everything on the walls, and it’s just fun,” said Trevor of the establishment.

Pamela said she the lounge was “cozy, has lots of character and is perfect for filming.”

“Ronnie the guy that owns the place has been nothing but awesome,” said Pamela.

Lottz left the lounge open for business during the filming, some locals were filmed watching the performance.

“Their getting kind of use to weird stuff going on, we’re always having some sort of filming,” said Lottz.

Lottz stated that a few horror movies and TV commercials for were filmed at his lounge.

Once edited the pilot will be pitched to major networks for airing.

“I just hope his career goes forward it’s a very difficult business to get into,” said Lottz.

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