Berwyn’s Food-less Farmer’s Market

On Sunday, July 10, 2016, the City of Berwyn held it’s bi-weekly farmers market at Lesak Park. There were 14 vendors in total, not including a food truck selling lemonade and Italian ice and a live band.

Though it seems that Berwyn’s Farmer’s Market may have strayed from the original intention of the event. Only four out of the fourteen vendors were selling food products and only one out of the four was selling organically grown fruits and vegetables.

The other vendors displayed a wide array of soy candles, homemade apparel and jewelry, and accessories for dogs.

The purpose of a Farmer’s Market is for residents to buy, and farmers to sell, locally grown produce. The website for Berwyn’s Farmer’s Market lists 13 vendors, all of which advertise some sort of local food.

Only four of the vendors on the list were present at this Famer’s Market. This may have caused the lack of attendance, as there were only a handful of people. The majority of the attendants were gathered around a build-your-own playground demonstration in which their children were able to move around foam blocks to create structures.

The lack of attendance could also be due to the fact that Berwyn is not a food desert. Since there are many grocery stores readily available to residents, there is perhaps less motivation to buy local produce, as produce from a chain grocery store is usually more cost effective.

Either way, the Berwyn Farmer’s Market seems like less of an opportunity for local farmer’s and more of an opportunity for local businesses and entrepreneurs to sell their goods. Though the City of Berwyn has displayed other vendors at this market on their website, it seems that regular participation from all vendors on one date is unlikely.

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