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Berwyn biker on life support

By: Anthony Garcia

After being involved in a biking accident on Dec. 3 around 5 p.m., a Berwyn bike rider remains in critical condition and is on life

Berwyn police investigate the scene of a serious bicyclist accident at the intersection of 26st., and East Ave., in Berwyn, Monday, Dec. 3, 2012.      (Courtesy of Antonio Perez/Chicago Tribune)

Berwyn police investigate the scene of a serious bicyclist accident at the intersection of 26st., and East Ave., in Berwyn, Monday, Dec. 3, 2012. (Courtesy of Antonio Perez/Chicago Tribune)

support at Loyola University Life Hospital. Justin Carver was struck by a truck at the intersection of 26th and East Ave. as he attempted to cross 26th while the truck

simultaneously made a left turn off of East Ave. Carver was brought into Loyola’s Trauma Center unconscious according to Berwyn fire officials. Continue reading


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Youth organizations help the needy


By Anthony Garcia

Young people in Berwyn are taking the lead in bringing the holiday spirit to the less fortunate in Berwyn through organizations like Youth Crossroads and CIACO.

The non-profit Youth Crossroads is dedicated to helping the troubled or at-risk youth of Berwyn through any means necessary, 0providing free counseling and leadership programs and hosting events for the children and their families.

During the holiday season however, the young people helped by the organization look to give back to Berwyn, said Programs Director Joel Wallen.

“Throughout the year, they participated in dozens of volunteer opportunities in partnership with local governments, park districts and other social service agencies. When we presented the opportunity to help distribute food on Thanksgiving Day, it just seemed natural for them to volunteer,” Wallen said. Continue reading

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“Draw like a pro” draws Berwyn youth to library

By Anthony Garcia

At the Berwyn library, you can check out books featuring cartoons, drawing and coloring. Now you can learn how to draw those same

Marty McGowan teaching how to draw like a pro

wacky figures, monkey-pirates and anime warriors yourself.

The Youth Services department at the library recently had its “Draw like a pro” event on Nov. 17 where kids from ages 12-18 were able to practice and learn how to draw from local graphic designer, Marty McGowan.

Participants were encouraged to draw whatever they felt, no matter their level of skill.

Marissa Garcia, a youth services librarian explained the origin of the program idea.

“I sensed that there will always be creative souls among any community of young adults, so when I was considering programming ideas, I knew this group just needed an outlet,” Garcia said.

“Creative pursuits can often be solitary, but doing programming for young artists and wordsmiths allowed them to come out of the woodwork and join their passions with social interaction and learn in the process,” she said. Continue reading

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SCORE to offer help for local businesses

By Anthony Garcia

Starting up a new business isn’t easy, with customer service, marketing and dozens of other tasks. But Berwyn startups now have help.

On Tuesday, Nov. 27 from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m., SCORE, a Chicago resource partner with the U.S. Small Business Administration will be offering free business counseling to anyone interested.

SCORE will offer a variety of tips including how to begin a plan of attack for startup businesses and offer help to existing businesses seeking to further grow and expand. SCORE will also give feedback to people who want to showcase product or service. Continue reading

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Building blocks and minds at Berwyn library

By Anthony Garcia

Legos and building blocks have long been in a Toys R’ Us near you and now at the Berwyn Public Library on 2701 Harlem Ave., where multi-colored towers and buildings have become the norm.

The Berwyn Public Library Youth Services have been hosting several events at the library based around the creativity of kids from age 7-12 since early September.

Many of the Lego building events have specific themes as well such as a Back-to-school theme and Halloween as well.

Marissa Garcia, a Youth Services Librarian at the Berwyn library explained how the idea of Lego @ your library began.

“The original introduction of the Lego @ your library program was brought to us by one of our past Youth Services librarians, Jackie Warkentien. She was very in tune with the current trend, as Lego programs have popped up at many public libraries as of late,” Garcia said. Continue reading

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Horrorbles: Not your average comic shop

By: Anthony Garcia

An evil clown with flaming red hair to your right.

“Monster Man” himself John Aranza.

A life-like Frankenstein to your right.

And stashed somewhere in the vicinity of the store is a custom-made Harley.

These items may seem random and accidental but at Horrorbles, this is everyday life for the store and for its owner, John “Monster Man” Aranza.

The sci-fi/horror shop at 6729 W. Roosevelt Rd. has been a hotspot for locals since 2006 where Aranza first came up with the idea for the shop in a conference in Pennsylvania.

The conference showcased an array of vintage and rare collectable items that made Aranza think about opening a shop with the same kinds of products.

“I started sourcing DVDs online & about a year later, a friend, Robin Rolder (owner of the Friendly Tap) told me about the space she had empty for 13 years and how it needed work, but she wanted to rent it,” Aranza said. Continue reading

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Berwyn’s Very Own Horror Spot: “Horrorbles”

By: Anthony Garcia

Horrorbles is a sci-fi/horror store located on 6729 W. Roosevelt.

Debuting in 2006, the shop ha been a Berwyn hotspot for fans of all kinds of memorabilia of movies and pop culture. The shop features many kinds of items, from everyday, run-of-the-mill horror items, to high-priced, hard to find autographs of celebrities. Check out “Horrorbles” in Berwyn and see everything they have to offer!

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Depot District reconstruction goes from uncertain to well underway

By: Anthony Garcia

Like an aging starlet, Berwyn’s Depot District has been long overdue for a facelift. This summer, it will be getting one.

Photo courtesy of

Last month the Berwyn city council unanimously voted to begin reconstructing the Depot District in an effort to keep Berwyn’s streets modern and contemporary. The business districts along Cermak Road, Ogden Avenue and Roosevelt Road have already been redeveloped. The Depot District is the last untouched area. Continue reading

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Capri Restortante is the place to be in Berwyn

Courtesy of

The original Capri restaurant in Berwyn burned to the ground 15 years ago.

But the restaurant returned to life earlier this year at 6615 W. Roosevelt Rd., at the former home of the Wishbone restaurant.

Janine Johnson, of Berwyn, has been checking out local restaurants and bars since 2011 and is more than excited to welcome Capri back into the neighborhood.

“I’m so happy to have Capri back in its original home [Berwyn],” she said.

Johnson said she thoroughly enjoyed her experience at Capri, including the quality of the food and the fast and efficient service.

While she did shell out $97 for her meal, Johnson said the price was “more than reasonable” and was already thinking about coming back again.

Anna Selice, of Oak Park, said that she loved dining at Capri and that, “the meatballs were the best thing she’s ever eaten.”


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Route 66/ Berwyn Car Show

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