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I am a graduate of Dominican University with a degree in Journalism and Social Media. Currently I am a freelance reporter/photographer covering concerts and events happening around Chicago. It only gets more exciting as time goes on. Come join me on this wild adventure! Business Inquiries -

‘Svengoolie’ comes home to Berwyn

By Lavell Garner

Rich Koz, better known as his TV persona “Svengoolie” returned to his Berwyn home earlier this month after suffering a heart attack.

Koz spoke with Robert Fender of Timeout Chicago about how surprised he was to see how many of his fans actually took the time to send get-well cards and letters.

“’It’s pretty overwhelming to think about that. I haven’t had a chance to go online, but some of the guys from work brought printouts of things and a lot of the snail-mail letters and such that I’ve gotten. It’s really sweet of people. It’s very nice’,” Koz said.

It is unknown at this time when Koz will return to work.

The entire interview can be read at:‘pretty-overwhelminhttp%3A

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Galli Lucha Libre invades Berwyn

By Lavell Garner

Masked men are creating mayhem in Berwyn with flying armbars, suplexes, and powerbombs.

But have no fear, these men are luchadors – traditional Mexican wrestlers – and they keep the action inside the wrestling ring.

Galli Lucha Libre has been promoting this traditional Mexican sport in Berwyn in recent years.

Galli’s wrestlers are known for their fast-paced, flying through the air, in your face action.

Galli owner and promoter Carlos Robles took a round-about way to the wrestling ring.

“I basically went from being a Realtor to becoming Gym owner and Lucha Libre Promoter,” Robles said. “I handle hiring the wrestlers, finding sponsors and promoting the shows.”

Galli is actually an acronym for “Gladiadores Aztecas Lucha Libre Internacional,” which translates to Aztec Gladiators of International Lucha Libre. Robles said the organization came together almost accidentally.

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Berwyn Vehicle Sticker Contest

By Lavell Garner

It’s that time of the year again, and it’s not because it’s the holiday season. Berwyn is kicking off its annual city-wide competition for the design of the 2013-2014 city vehicle stickers.

Entrants must be enrolled in 5th through 8th grades and must live within the city of Berwyn.

Creativity is key in this competition.

The subject matter of the design can be pretty much what the individual desires. The design being presented must be the individual’s own creation.

Entries must be sent to Ruth Volbre, Berwyn City Hall, 6700 W. 26th St., Berwyn, IL 60402 by 3 p.m. on Wednesday, Jan. 9, 2013.

More information and submission form for the competition visit,

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I-GO Comes to Berwyn

By: Lavell Garner

What exactly is I-GO, and why is it in Berwyn?

I-GO is a car sharing transportation company that allows customers to save money and to be able to easily choose between many different means of transportation. The company aims at getting customers to their destinations in a flash.

There are four plans available that I-GO offers, such as the standard I-Go membership, which is for customers who want make short distance trips. Another plan the company offers is a duel I-GO and CTA membership that allows customers to have access to CTA trains and buses.

Some cars I-GO has for sharing includes the Ford Focus, Fiat 500 Hatchback, Nissan Cube, and many more makes of models to choose from.

Berwyn resident, Mark Beltran, has yet to try I-Go, but would like to in the future.

I don’t use I-GO but I do use this other company and I like that a lot,” he said. “Granted, I wish you could pick up at one location and drop it off at another, so that way you can take it to work or school. But besides the fact that you have to return each car to their respective home locations, they take care of insurance, gas, maintenance, 180 miles a day, and all for a good price. When I do get the chance to try I-Go, I sure hope [they] have the same or even better rates.”

I-GO is new in Berwyn, located in the Depot District. Customers can join I-Go for $25.00.

For more info on I-GO, visit

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You’re Friendly Neighborhood Comic Book Shop: The Comic Collector

By: Lavell Garner

As soon as you step into the Comic Collector on Harlem Avenue, you see a huge display of comic books planted

Rich Lukes, Owner of the Comic Collector

in the middle of the store, with a cardboard “Spider-Man” hanging above it.

​You truly get the feeling you are in a “classic” comic book shop.

That also might be because owner Rich Lukes and his wife are dedicated comic book fans who have been running their store for more than a quarter century.

​ “We had the store for 26 years. My wife basically runs [it],” said Lukes. “The store used to be where I got comics myself. The former owners wanted to start a family and we decided to buy into it.”

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‘Svengoolie’ Actor Suffers Heart Attack

By: Lavell Garner

Actor and comedian Rich Koz, better known as his TV persona “Svengoolie”, suffered a heart attack at his home earlier this month.

Koz is stationed at a local Chicago hospital.

Koz has hosted horror movies on WCIU-TV. During his routines he regularly comments on Berwyn.

Neal Sabin, president of content and networks for Weigel Broadcasting issued a press release on Mon. Nov. 3, giving an update on Koz’s condition.

“Rich’s condition is improving and his family has asked for privacy at this time,” said Sabin.

No further details are available.

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West Suburban PADS Housing The Homeless

By: Lavell Garner

A chronically homeless man now has a place to stay, thanks to West Suburban PADS. The organization hopes to get two more homeless people housed this month. PADS organization submitted their numbers to the 100kHomes organization

The 100KHomes organization is a national movement, campaigning with national and local partners in hopes of bringing homelessness to an end.

Susie Bohun, the supportive housing manager at West Suburban PADS, explained the process in which an individual must complete to be able to be considered for housing.

“The process to assist individuals in obtaining housing varies greatly based on client desire and participation in the process, income level (not every client has income, so finding housing becomes very challenging), and locating an appropriate housing option”, she said.

It took three months to get housing for the most recent case, she said.

“The entire process took about three3 months from start to finish. If we have to assist clients with obtaining identification or trying to figure out if they may be eligible for some type of income, the process can take longer. It really depends on the person”, said Bohun.

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Metal thieves target vacant Berwyn homes

Home broken into located on 1422 Gunderson

By: Lavell Garner

Stealing copper and other metals, but as of late it has become more of a problem in the city of Berwyn with increased home foreclosures. And Berwyn authorities are taking measures to control it.

On Oct. 11, three suspects were detained for breaking and entering into a vacant home located on 1422 Gunderson Avenue. Continue reading

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Where To Register To Vote In Berwyn

By: Lavell Garner

Election Day is right around the corner, and the citizens in Berwyn have a couple of locations where they can register to vote and vote early.

Berwyn residents can register at Berwyn City Hall until Oct. 9, according to Angela Jones, spokesperson for Cook County Clerk David Orr. They also can go online to under Suburban Elections and print a mail registration form, the form must be completely filled out and signed before putting it in the mail, she said.

Berwyn residents who want to vote early, before Nov. 6 Election Day can go to the Berwyn City Hall located at 6700 W. 26th St. Berwyn, IL 60402. Early voting takes place from Oct. 22 to Nov. 3.

To find polling spots for Nov. 6, go to

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Berwyn Public Library offers one-on-one Resume assistance Service

By: Lavell Garner

Job-hunting individuals can get help leveling up their resumes from the Berwyn Public Library starting Sept. 22.

The free one-on-one program begins at 9:30 a.m. with 15-minute individual sessions ending at 11 a.m. Another session will start at 9:30 a.m. Sept. 29.

Reference Librarian Verna Austen, said the resume program grew out of a “Reserve a Librarian” program in which librarians would help people on a wide variety of topics, such as helping patrons with basic internet etiquette. A lot of people asked for the resume service, Austen said.

Resume-polishers don’t need an appointment, but do need to bring copies of their resume, or a list of recent job responsibilities, and a flash drive to save work.

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Route 66 Car Show

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