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Lucky Berwyn Resident Wins $11 Million in Illinois Lotto


One lucky Berwyn resident “struck it rich”, winning the Illinois Lottery on October 29.

The winning ticket was purchased at a BP gas station in Berwyn located at 3845 S. Harlem Ave.

According to a recent Chicago Tribune article, the gas station is to receive a pie-of-the-pie, pocketing 1 percent of the grand prize amount.

BP will be receiving a nice slice, walking away with $110,000 just for selling the winning ticket.

The winning numbers were: 8, 12, 30, 31, 51 and 52.

Having the winning ticket, the winner must sign the back of the ticket to claim their prize. Also, the winner must find their way to one of the five Illinois Lottery offices: Chicago, Des Plaines, Rockford, Springfield or in Fairview Heights.

According to NBC, the ticket winner “has not come forward” though it is possible that they don’t want their identity discovered or publicized in the media.

Manager of the BP gas station Shibu Joseph stated that the plan for their share of the money is to pay the taxes on prize first, then “Give a small share to employees as gifts.”


When asked about the BP owners’ reaction, Joseph replied, “The owners were very excited, they were very happy” also he explained the gas station got more attention, “We’ve been getting a lot more customers since the win.”

He also announced that Berwyn had even more to celebrate, another Lotto winner. “Just last week, we had another winner, winning $50,000.”

The manager revealed that he knew he had the winning ticket, “I knew I had to winning ticket and called the owners right away.”

Also stating that he couldn’t release the name of the winner, replying with an “I can’t tell you the name of the ticket winner. I don’t know.”

On October 14, another Berwyn resident went home with $250,000 for holding a winning The Money Gram ticket.

Cathy Galindo won the $250,000 after purchasing the ticket at a Shell gas station located at 5201 W. Addison St. in Chicago, according to an Illinois Lottery press release two months ago.

Winning instantly, Galindo was filled with excitement and shock. “It’s hard to believe this is real!” she said.

“Every once in a while, I take a chance and try a lottery ticket.” Galindo plans to buy a new house and spread the money among her family members.

The Shell that sold the winning ticket will also receive a cut, gaining $2,500 for selling the ticket.

Berwyn residents have been on a lucky strike these last few months. We will just have to wait and see who the luck strikes next.

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Berwyn’s Buona Beef Celebrates 35 Years


The hometown favorite, Buona Beef is celebrating 35 delicious years in business. The famous Italian Beef restaurant serves up more than just its signature Italian Beef. It is home to a long list of other delicious foods like pizza, salads, burgers, hotdogs, sandwiches, panini’s, soups and desserts.

The top three Buona Beef locations near you are Oak Park, Hillside and the original located at 6745 Roosevelt Road in Berwyn.

The deliciousness doesn’t stop there, Buona Beef is popping up in various locations all across Illinois, having 18 locations already according to the business’ website,

Through a simple google search, other hotspots for the restaurant include Beverly, Montgomery, Bolingbrook, Glendale Heights, Lombard, Orland Park, Hoffman Estates and Rosemont. Continue reading

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Berwyn Residents Frustrated by Parking Availability


By Nayah James

Parents of Piper Elementary School students and the schools’ neighbors have been competing for a scarce Berwyn commodity – on-street parking.

At certain times of the day, particularly around school dismissal, residents can’t find parking near their houses on the 2400 block of Kenilworth.

Third Ward Alderman Marge Paul brought the issue to the South Berwyn (District 100) School Board recently.

“The principal at Piper Elementary School has tried to alleviate some of the parking issued raised by the residents,” she said. “Residents found it hard to find street parking in front of their homes during the week.”

Neighbor David Minch was a little more direct in his criticism in an interview this week. Continue reading

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Fun for All at Oktoberfest 2016

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