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I'm a junior in college-anticipated graduation date is May 2014. This was blog created for my journalism class. My areas of study are journalism and political science at Dominican University.

Into The Retrospect in 22

jonathan salamanca
By: Jonathan Salamanca

It was one night of retrospect and street photography on Berwyn’s Cermak Road.

Berwyn’s 22 owners Jessica Calek and Dan Streeting hosted Unreported—a one-night only photo exhibit open on April 27 from 7 to 10pm. Unreported displayed the work of Dan Streeting and Anthony Calek. With a comparatively unique approach both photographers relied on a documentary and street style of photography to display their works of art.

“I like to play with people and their daily lives. I like to look and let things happen—and they do,” Anthony Calek said, “most of my images feature people or shadows of people so there is generally some human contact involved. Most of my work is candid as well. I don’t stage anything.”

jonathan salamanca

Calek’s images were taken in sites all across Europe in places he has either visited or lived. For Unreported Calek drew from some reflection photographic images to show his documented collection of his life and travels. His work captures the life of others on a daily basis through some mirror reflection pieces.
Streeting’s Unreported images come from a collection of photos he’s taken over a span of 10 years documenting the his friends, strangers, and environments.

“It’s almost something I do on site and on the side—aside from my graphic designer. It’s really a dairy for me. So looking over these photo’s I’ve taken over the past ten year are a look into my own diary.” Streeting said.

Streeting’s collection was taken on a film camera while Calek’s works were all digital. This was Calek’s last gallery exhibit in America for at least a year. Calek is moving to Sweden next week.

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Cermak Plaza Collision of Two

By: Jonathan Salamanca

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At about 11:30 p.m. a woman driving a Honda Civic LX southbound on Harlem Avenue was hit by a driver in a Toyota 4runner driving eastbound on 23rd, from the North Riverside shopping center.

The two drivers met at the intersection of Harlem and 23rd after the eastbound car passed a red light crossing Harlem. The driver in the Honda was making a left turn onto 23rd road.  Both were turning into the Cermak Plaza and injured on impact. The woman driving the Honda Civic LX was hospitalized.

“I didn’t even know until I saw all the motion and ambulances outside. I was just out to shop. It was bad, really bad–windows shattered. People just don’t stop.” Pedro Garcia, a witness at the incident, said.

The condition of both drivers is unknown. Berwyn police did not comment on the accident.

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Lights Out For Twenty Two

Next Saturday, December 22 will be the last day to see Modular 22. Jessica Calek, director of 22, will host a closing reception. The reception will include musical performances from Cantilever.

Calek recently spoke at SMALL Symposium at teh Chicago Cultural Center this past week where Calek mention her success in Berwyn with the attraction, Modular 22.

The next exhibition at 22 will be Night Lights out feature canvas art from local and chicagoland artist of the night. These piece will all share a common theme–a feeling of the night. Opening reception will be Jan. 19th 7-10pm


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What Would It Take (WWIT)?

What Would It Take (WWI)?

Seeking to identify the needs of a falling educational system in Berwyn, WWIT is a group that aids to find and support the most appropriate candidate to hold a seat on the school district’s 201 board of education.

WWIT is currently seeking donations. This past Saturday, WWIT hosted a Christmas Wrapping Party. Supplying unlimited gift-wrapping items for those able to donate $20. All donations will be used to support community reach-outs and host

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Berwyn C.A.R.E.S. Learns From Finland

Movie ScreeningBy Jonathan Salamanca

Finland’s education system offers hope to some seeking reform in Berwyn’s school districts.

Berwyn C.A.R.E.S and Prairie Oak School recently hosted a screening of the movie Finland Phenomenon: Inside the World’s Most Surprising School System followed by a discussion.  C.A.R.E.S’s President Robert Pauly spoke about Berwyn’s divided community and new hopes for change.

“As a community we need to be unified to achieve the goals that we’re trying to achieve, and Berwyn C.A.R.E.S. can help in that regard, whether you’re from North Berwyn or South Berwyn,” he said.

In the 1970s Finland’s educational system ranked low, according to Stanford scholar, Linda Darling-Hammond. But nation-wide changes in social support for students, standardized testing, and teaching certifications have brought Finland to rank among the top in international rankings.

According to Pauly, Berwyn’s elementary school district 98 and 100 rank in the 40 percentile and its high school ranks even lower — in the 15 percentile — in the state.

“Berwyn is in much of the same position that Finland was 40 years ago, when they decided to take a different look at the way they were educating their children,” he said.

Some of the educational steps and reforms that the film pointed out are not all tangible, as a parent commented, but the idea is to spread the word and motivate the professionals and parent to become active in the education system.

At the screening Pauly urged parents to join Berwyn C.A.R.E.S. or at least become a Facebook follower or committee member.  Pauly stressed the importance of active participation in the group.

These are just a few of the changes Finland has made since the 1970s:

  • Students addressing of teachers on a first name basis to promote familiarity and comfort
  • Students remaining in the same class group with the same teacher for several years to individualize and build on student-teacher relationships so that each student receives the appropriate attention
  • Requiring teachers to have a master’s degree to teach

The film discusses the teacher’s certification in depth, stating how the profession in Finland is viewed a profession equivalent to law or medicine. According to the film more applicants apply than can be accepted. Only 10 percent of applicants pull through final certifications.

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Performing Surgery with a Robotic Arm in MacNeal

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Structured Art on Berwyn’s 22nd Street

By Jonathan Salamanca

It’s a platform as much as it’s a piece of art, towering 8 feet high, stretching 27 feet long, at a value of about $4,000 and it’s home is 22 – the newest Berwyn art gallery.

Jessica Calek, founder and director of the gallery and art studio, opened the space 11 months ago on Berwyn’s Cermak Road – also known as 22nd Street. Calek and her partner Dan Streeting have held five prior exhibits in their studio space. They say that their most recent—Modular 22—depended on their previous exhibits to become a success.

“We had to wait awhile to meet people in the neighborhood, meet artists— people we could bring into a show like this,” Streeting said.

Modular 22 is a structure made of 360 wooden panels interlocked with one another; each panel is unique to an artist’s black and white design. The structure features over 100 artists, including a dozen from Berwyn. Its name, much like the studio space’s name, derives from the street it’s on.  It stands as­­ Calek‘s most ambitious project yet at the corner of Cermak Road and Kenilworth Avenue. Continue reading

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New Berwyn Group helps Community Face Challenge

Teens and young adults tackle one of the largest health concerns facing Berwyn and Cicero—HIV— with a new group—RAICES.

RAICES, meaning “roots” in Spanish is an acronym for Resources, Advocacy, Inclusion, Community, Education and Services. The group, in its early stages, was founded to bring HIV awareness to these two communities. The group also supports community members who identify with the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender (LGBT) community and provides public services for them. Continue reading

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Oktoberfest in Berwyn

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